Steven Slater, American Hero?

Steven Slater, American Hero?

by Av8rDad

Steven Slater. American Hero? Maybe, maybe not. Victim of female abuse. Definitely.

Steven Slater may very well become the poster child for what our society has degenerated into.

Answer this question, honestly: If this were “Stefanie” Slater, and SHE was hit in the head with a suit case, and cursed at… who would have been in handcuffs?

Is there anyone who truly believes this would have gone down the same if it had been a female flight attendant.

Our society has always been deferential to women. The Bible teaches us that. However, it also teaches how women should respond with the same respect that is expected of men. Women claim to want equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunity. They want to do the same job as men for the same pay. I agree. Fair is fair. IF you do the same job… not given deferential standards of employment.

They want everything to be equal, BUT, don’t forget to hold the door, hold the chair, and pay the bill !!!

Where is the equality here? There is none.

I know, work with and respect a whole lot of women that happen to agree that the pendulum has swung far too far to the right/wrong. They believe in true equality of PEOPLE not genders. They believe you can’t be equal if you think you are better than everyone else.

And really, how do you figure he put lives at risk on a plane stopped on the tarmac, having just landed?

Maybe he saved lives… HERS for one…

Further, how did he trespass? He works there moron!

Disorderly conduct? Ok, maybe. But what about HER conduct?

In fact, riddle me this… Why, oh why was SHE not arrested? How many other passengers have been arrested for merely disobeying a flight attendant? Is this payback? Wrong guy!!!

Don’t get me wrong. I am not pandering to the airlines. Some have become smug, arrogant purveyors of human cargo, nickel and diming the public to the point of exhaustion. Skyway Robbery, to say the least, while others strive to serve and keep safe the American public.

But this is not the guy.  Slater stood up for himself, and for men, and for true equality.

This is a true embarrassment to Law Enforcement, the airlines and to the women’s movement.

My dad taught me that if they want to be treated like a lady, maybe they oughta act like a lady.

Other Than That, I Have No Opinion…

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2 Responses to Steven Slater, American Hero?

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  2. Mona Riles says:

    I saw your web blog via bing the other day and absolutely adore it. Carry on the excellent work.

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