Remember the old Frankenstein movies, when the mob would show up with torches and garden implements demanding the monster come  out and be dealt with?

Or, how about all those old westerns where the mob shows up at the jail and demands the Sheriff  bring the accused out to be hanged??

I’m sure we all have memories of those “old days” when the mob ruled.  Whatever the mob wanted, the mob got. Of course, they were nowhere to be found when it turned out that the person did not do it.

But gee, that was centuries ago, right??  We have progressed since then and have a system of government designed to protect our individual liberties from such mob rule.


Suddenly, I feel transported back 200 years to streets filled with yelling mobs, demanding that the accused be found guilty, because THEY WANT HIM/HER TO BE GUILTY!!!!

Wait, where are the horses,  the torches and garden implements??  Oh, wait, they have been replaced with printed signs demanding that the authorities acquiesce to their combined will.

So much for moving out of the dark ages.

The fact is, we all want our own way. Its starts when we are children, and, for a lot of us, never changes!  We want what we want, and we want it NOW!!

However, in today’s society we usually learn how to sublimate our wishes and desires to at least try to fit in and get along. We usually keep our opinions to ourselves (except here!!!) so as not to be judged.

But not when it comes to our bent perception of justice. Nope, not gonna happen.

Thursday, I was at my long time barber, getting the bald spot edged. He asked me what I thought about the Houston Police Officer who was recently found innocent of beating a burglary suspect 2 years ago.  My reply was: “You mean “not guilty”?”

He immediately caught the distinction.  There is a huge distinction.  Being found “Not guilty”, IS NOT the same as being “Innocent”.  But what troubles me is the “Mob Rule” that is taking place here, in Houston, and in Sanford Florida.

If you haven’t seen the video of the burglary suspect, I suspect the bears want their cave back…

There are many, many points at play here:

Even a video, taken purely out of context, cannot tell the whole story;

Perception is just that…;

Our eyes can deceive us;


That brings us back to Houston, Texas and Sanford, Florida.

In the George Zimmerman case even the news media (maybe ESPECIALLY  the news media) sought to press an agenda… to the point of even editing the 911 call. Throngs of people all over the country gathered in mobs to protest Zimmerman not being arrested. Of course they had all the facts, and knew all the evidence, so of course they knew what the police knew (but had not released to the public, because, gee, it is, after all AN INVESTIGATION!!!)  They had to know all that, right???  Why else would they have demanded he be arrested, and Oh, not JUST arrested, but charged with murder!

Oh, but wait, there IS that edited 911 call. You mean he DIDN’T disobey the police dispatcher? OH, the news editor at CBS intentionally left out the crucial part??? NAW!?  Why would he do that? Yeah, why WOULD he do that???


All those mobs that protested all over the country with such outrage at what was going on in little ‘ole Sanford, Florida. I mean, really, don’t THEY know what’s best for Sanford and what is going on there?

You mean 95 % of those protesters didn’t even live there (most not even in Florida). So of course they know best.

Oh, wait.  The police report and coroners’ report were just recently released, and SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE,  George Zimmerman had a gash on the back of his head, just like it might have been beaten on the cement. And my, oh my, is that a broken nose?  OUCH! And are his eyes all blackened?  Hmmm, looks just like he got his ass kicked. But by whom??  It couldn’t have been that sweet little boy whose picture looked so sweet and innocent and small.

Really, you mean that was not a current picture? That was him at 12?  Hmmm, the boy in the surveillance video, from the store, looks much taller and more fit, and seems to have a bit more “swagger”.  That’s him?  He looks like he might even be bigger than George Zimmerman…

Crap, did he really have THC and other medications (not prescribed to him) in his system???

And lets not forget that Martin had bloody knuckles on both hands from beating the crap out of Zimmerman.

And my, oh my, listen to Mr. Zimmerman scream for help….FOURTEEN TIMES (14) before finally succumbing to what must have been the most dreaded moment of his life, the moment he chose to live, and not die.

Bet if he had it all to do over, he’d probably just shoot himself!

Gee, I wonder if all of that might have been why he was not arrested at the time.

Since, after all, any one of those things qualified him for immunity under the states Castle Law.

No, that can’t be it.



It must, or why else would the Chief of Police choose to resign for following the law?

Why else would the State Governor appoint a special prosecutor and why else would she choose to arrest, and move to indict a man who clearly met the definition of self defense.


Don’t like the verdict in the prosecution of the police officer  accused of beating a home invasion burglar, caught in the act of carrying property out of someone’s home, in Houston, Texas??

Well, get your mob together and storm the steps of the Court House. Demand to see the DA (who complied) and demand that they pass a law that you cannot have a jury with out black people on it.

They don’t have to be peers, just black!

Forget the fact that it turned out the officer was only there for 8 seconds, before he ran down the street and apprehended another of the 4 burglars!

Forget the fact that he testified he was not kicking the burglar, but was merely trying to sweep the arms back to be handcuffed.

None of that fits the Agenda. The mob wants to be heard. They want their way, and by George (Zimmerman) they are going to get it!

Why are we giving into these mobs?

And what I truly do not understand, and what truly grieves me is WE DO NOTHING!!

Why don’t WE take to the streets and stand up for Zimmerman and those like him? Why Don’t WE picket and protest those that seek to impose their will, and their agenda on US???


The head of the Black Panthers put a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman.  I guarantee you that if I would have put a $10 bounty (more than he’s worth) on him, I would have been in jail by dinner!

But WE do nothing. WE let the mob rule.

There is one more point at play here…..

Sometimes the obvious is really the obvious.





The city of Stanford, Florida posted a copy of the applicable laws on its web site, and thoroughly explained, in detail, point by point WHY George Zimmerman was not arrested at that time.

But really, why should the facts get in the way of the MOB getting their way?


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Well, here we go again!

The big corporate giant says if we can’t have our way, we’ll just take our ball and go home….WHAAAAA!!!

Well, see ya!

It’s not uncommon for communities to give tax abatement and other incentives to businesses to locate in their community. It brings jobs and money from those jobs, sales tax, etc. Not a bad deal, IF it is a good fit helps the community.

Such a symbiotic relationship existed for decades with Continental Airlines.  The corporate headquarters was here, as well as the home to the reservation service and many, many pilots, mechanics, and thousands of service personnel.

When United took over Continental Airlines ( you say merger, I say take over…) they closed the main office here and moved it to Chicago (ah, yes, the home of corruption), leaving more than 3,000 jobs in their wake.

The city counsel offered tons of tax concessions, which they accepted, but took the office away anyway. Not uncommon. BUT…..

What is hard to believe is that the corporate crooks at United would actually go to city counsel and threaten them with what amounts to nothing more than corporate blackmail.

Southwest Airlines, which has always been based at Hobby Airport, (the step child…) approached the City about expanding Hobby and including allowing international flights (now strictly the prevue of Intercontinental Airport [IAH] ).  Southwest stated that such an expansion would lead to the adding of several thousand jobs and many improvements to the airport. In fact, they actually offered to PAY the $100,000,000 to expand the airport and build the International terminal!!! Such a Deal !!!

Well, that did not sit well with the corporate devils at United. After all, they are the Big Dogs on the block. How dare this little upstart try to horn in on their territory.

They came straight out and told the city (yes, that’s you and me…) that if they went ahead with the expansion of Hobby Airport they would cut flights and cut jobs.  WOW!  It will be at least 3 years before an international flight can even file a flight plan from hobby (not including private aircraft) and they are already crying and telling us they are going to cut tons of flights and cut hundreds of jobs.

Do we really want to partner with people like that?? I don’t.

If they think they can increase profits by crapping all over the loyal customers of Houston and surrounding areas, well, good luck.

I wrote a thesis on Herb Kellaher and Southwest Airlines (many, many moons ago…) and if there is one thing I know about the corporate culture at that company is they are Pro employee (lowest turnover in the industry and serioiusly, who else flys their employies to a BBQ in Dallas every year??? (They DO still do that?????)

Southwest cares. They understand what people want and need….. affordable transportation. Not everyone is bilking a company expense account (that they pass on to the consumer (yes, you and me again….) So, I don’t know about you, but I would rather partner with, and patronize a company that wants to help out the community and us, the individuals who can’t pass along the rising costs to you and me.

BTW. Up until very recently, when Southwest’s expansion met the declining economy head on, they were the only airline that had never operated in the red. (Unlike Continental what actually gave its CEO a 1 million dollar bonus because he only went 1.5 million in the red ( and managed that by laying off hundreds of workers… Makes you wonder who should really be in jail, huh???)

I have no doubt that Southwest Airlines is more than willing and able to step up and fill any void left by the exodus of Brutus….

SEE YA…..!


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Steven Slater, American Hero?

Steven Slater, American Hero?

by Av8rDad

Steven Slater. American Hero? Maybe, maybe not. Victim of female abuse. Definitely.

Steven Slater may very well become the poster child for what our society has degenerated into.

Answer this question, honestly: If this were “Stefanie” Slater, and SHE was hit in the head with a suit case, and cursed at… who would have been in handcuffs?

Is there anyone who truly believes this would have gone down the same if it had been a female flight attendant.

Our society has always been deferential to women. The Bible teaches us that. However, it also teaches how women should respond with the same respect that is expected of men. Women claim to want equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunity. They want to do the same job as men for the same pay. I agree. Fair is fair. IF you do the same job… not given deferential standards of employment.

They want everything to be equal, BUT, don’t forget to hold the door, hold the chair, and pay the bill !!!

Where is the equality here? There is none.

I know, work with and respect a whole lot of women that happen to agree that the pendulum has swung far too far to the right/wrong. They believe in true equality of PEOPLE not genders. They believe you can’t be equal if you think you are better than everyone else.

And really, how do you figure he put lives at risk on a plane stopped on the tarmac, having just landed?

Maybe he saved lives… HERS for one…

Further, how did he trespass? He works there moron!

Disorderly conduct? Ok, maybe. But what about HER conduct?

In fact, riddle me this… Why, oh why was SHE not arrested? How many other passengers have been arrested for merely disobeying a flight attendant? Is this payback? Wrong guy!!!

Don’t get me wrong. I am not pandering to the airlines. Some have become smug, arrogant purveyors of human cargo, nickel and diming the public to the point of exhaustion. Skyway Robbery, to say the least, while others strive to serve and keep safe the American public.

But this is not the guy.  Slater stood up for himself, and for men, and for true equality.

This is a true embarrassment to Law Enforcement, the airlines and to the women’s movement.

My dad taught me that if they want to be treated like a lady, maybe they oughta act like a lady.

Other Than That, I Have No Opinion…

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